Storefronts & Start-Ups Grant Application

Storefronts & Start-Ups Grant Application

  • Posted: Oct 11, 2018

In an effort to enhance existing downtown spaces, Downtown Partners has created a Downtown Sioux City Storefronts & Start-Ups Grant program. Eligible projects must be located within the boundaries of the Downtown Partners SSMID and funds are strictly for use towards storefront improvements and/or start-up business space needs.

The grant aids in the form of a matching funds that are paid to selected applications upon completion of an approved impact project. Grant funding is available equaling up to 50% of owner or tenant investment, capping at $2,500 per store.

Attached is the Guidelines and Application. Funds are limited and if you have a project you wish to start before the new year, fill out and turn in the application to by November 1st.

Downtown Sioux City Storefronts and Start Ups Grant Program_Application 2018-2019