Strategic Plan

The 2016 Downtown Partners Strategic Plan finds downtown Sioux City poised at a key crossroads of opportunity.  National trends support new investment and growth in downtown markets.  Sioux City is just beginning to experience these trends with new interest in downtown residential, office and retail segments.

The Strategic Plan aims to guide Downtown Partners over the next five to ten- year investment cycle.  Key objectives of the Strategic Plan include:

  • Grounding recommendations in market realities;
  • Gaining alignment and consensus on future priorities from a variety of stakeholders; and
  • Making sure that the Strategic Plan matches the organizational capacity of Downtown Partners.

 The strategic planning process included extensive engagement with downtown stakeholders that attracted nearly 750 individual sets of opinions for downtown improvements.  Key conclusions from stakeholder outreach included:

  • Downtown Is Still a Work in Process: Three of the four top stakeholder priorities reveal a desire for a downtown that has many more business, retail and restaurant options than today.
  • The Riverfront is a Priority: Activating the emerging riverfront area was the top priority.
  • Housing is a Near Term Market Opportunity: Market considerations and responses to the outreach process reinforce the importance of advancing housing development in the next investment cycle.

Based upon market considerations and the priorities revealed from the outreach process, the Strategic Plan places program emphasis on a “product development” approach to the management of downtown – continuing to emphasize economic development tactics that attract businesses and investment that improve the area’s overall destination appeal and vitality.  To implement this approach, the following operational construct for Downtown Partners is proposed:

Activity Community Economy Environment
Goal Unify and strengthen the influence of downtown’s various stakeholder groups. Attract new investment to downtown, including new businesses, jobs and housing. Place-making improvements to make downtown more walkable, bikeable and livable.

 For each of the suggested activity centers, the Strategic Plan provides detailed recommendations for tactics, work program, budget and board involvement through committees.  Additional suggestions are provided for modifying Downtown Partner’s organizational structure, SSMID renewal and the need for a downtown plan that would ideally be completed by the City, Downtown Partners and other interested agencies.

To view the full report click Sioux City Downtown Strategic Plan – June 29, 2016

APPENDIX 1 Downtown Partners Sioux City Roundtables 3 30 16 and APPENDIX 2 Downtown Sioux City Survey Summary 5 9 16

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