Litter Quick Pick

Litter Quick Pick

  • Posted: Sep 26, 2019

Litter Quick Pick is a bi-weekly event that encourages litter removal in downtown Sioux City. Every first and third Friday businesses around downtown take a quick break from work and go outside to pick up litter.
The necessary materials (litter bags, gloves, zip-ties) can be picked up at several downtown “captain” locations.

After each Litter Quick Pick, groups are being asked to post a picture of their team on this page so they can be eligible for future prizes by Downtown Partners.

Now it’s your turn: PARTICIPATE in the #QuickPickSC, SHARE your pictures, and ENCOURAGE friends and co-workers to join the movement.
Thanks for keeping Downtown Sioux City beautiful!

Follow our official Litter Quick Pick Facebook event page – here you will find general information about our Litter Quick Pick, weekly updates and announcements, and all the pictures of our Litter Quick Pick Teams.