Takeout BINGO is here!

Takeout BINGO is here!

1. Print the BINGO card: downtownsiouxcity.com. Cards will also be included with your pick up/delivery order at downtown businesses.


2. Purchase any item at a business and cross it off.

3. How to win:

a. If you complete a standard BINGO (5 in a row), your name will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win one of four $100 Downtown Cash vouchers.

b. If you score more than one BINGO, your name will be placed in the drawing according to how many BINGOs you scored (up to 6 BINGOs for a Blackout Bingo), enhancing your chances of winning.

c. Participants will need to submit a picture of their BINGO card, as well as (1) a picture of their receipts or (2) a picture of whatever they purchased in front of the participating business. Email the pictures to josh@downtownsiouxcity.com. Please include your name, phone number and mailing address so we can contact you.

d. The majority of businesses are only open for take-out or delivery. However, there are a few exceptions. To confirm their business hours and social distancing protocols, please call ahead. If you cannot reach a business via phone, make sure to check their website or social media pages. Several businesses offer online shopping and e-gift cards.

e. Winners will be announced every Monday for four weeks beginning April 27th.

For more chances to win, you can build upon your existing card each week, no need to start a new one!

Each “GIFT CARD” space must be used for a different gift card purchased.

Thank you so much for participating and Happy Hunting!