What Women Want Boutique

What Women Want Boutique

How much do you really know about Deb Speckmann and What Women Want Boutique? Downtown Partners, Kalynn Sortino, sat down with the boutique owner to get an inside scoop of the business at 521 4th Street in Downtown Sioux City.

If you were to explain your business in two sentences or less, what would you want to say?

“What Women Want is a one of a kind boutique where you can find unique gifts for What Women Want Jewelry and What Brides Want-rentals for brides.”

What is the most unique aspect of your business?

“Our bridal rental aspect! Brides can come to me to rent decor for their special day! In other words, it’s a way to ‘accessorize you and your venue’!”

How did you get started in this business? What keeps you around?

“Vendor fairs were the start of it all. Everyone would always stop and ask where he/she could go to get more jewelry of mine, and that is when I realized I needed a storefront. The people and the business support downtown are what keep me here! I am always excited to see new opportunities and watch the continued growth of Downtown!”

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that people might not already know?

“Well, I am a mother of 5 boys. So I started going to vendor fairs and selling jewelry as a way to be able to interact with other women. Sort of to offset all the men in my life.”

What is your favorite part about Downtown Sioux City?

“All the amazing people and businesses in the area. Our Downtown has so much to offer and I love being a part of it!”

IF you could run Downtown Sioux City for one day, what would be your first order of business?

“Easy, I would get rid of the one way streets! They are too confusing for everyone, especially visitors!”


Next time you are downtown, stop in and see Deb at What Women Want Boutique!