Why Join the Downtown Partners Board?

Why Join the Downtown Partners Board?

Downtown Partners is currently accepting applications for new board members! What makes someone fit to serve on the Downtown Partners’ Board? We are looking for passionate individuals dedicated to creating a vibrant and expanding downtown. To better understand why someone should apply, we asked two current members to describe their experience on the board and how it has impacted them personally and professionally.

“Downtown Sioux City is going through a revitalization and it is a great time to be a part of the action! As a board member, I appreciate having input on what we can do to grow business or beautify our downtown. Serving in this capacity gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other stakeholders that are passionate about downtown and want to continue the momentum.” -City Council Representative, Alex Watters

“I believe downtown is the heart of our community. As a professional in the downtown area, it is my responsibility to support current business and engage in important work dedicated to expansion and growth. Being on the board of Downtown Partners allows me the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals, and give back to the community that I call home.” – Katie Towler, Sioux City Community Schools Career Academy

Are you passionate about the future of Downtown Sioux City? Apply today! Applications are due prior to April 22, 2022.

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