Live Artfully!

An inventive club that explores new boundaries of human creativity to foster social change.

Unique fine art galleries, a concert-quality performance room and a casual lounge will create an inviting atmosphere for artists and non-artists to meet, share ideas and participate in a variety of cool functions.


We’re glad you found us, and more excited to see you’re excited about local arts. Hear our story, then join us at our upcoming events, as we work toward our goal of “Bringing the Arts Together Peacefully.” As a Sioux City non-profit, we’re in it for you, and we want you to be a part of it too. Simply put, it’s non-profit promotion of the arts, for us all.

Every great organization starts with a bold idea and a solid foundation. The Sioux City Art Center, the Orpheum Theater, The Sioux City Museum and the LaunchPAD Children’s Museum began with a group of people who planted a seed and turned a dream into reality. A group of innovative thinkers and board of directors, led by local promoter Brent Stockton, who has 15 years of experience in promotion of the Siouxland Arts community, have spent the last two years creating the non-profit and now that we are up and off, pushing to expand on the cultural center that will advance a daring vision for the arts community in Sioux City, Iowa and surrounding areas. This unique cultural center, appropriately named “Vangarde Arts” is striving to create a unique art gallery, professional performing space and a casual lounge to foster in a new era for original arts in Sioux City.

Vangarde Arts provides the visual and performance arts an excellent showcase for their talents and cultivates an inviting gathering place for patrons to enjoy the social and educational value of original art forms.

We’ve hurdled a number of challenges, and changed locations several times, but now that we’re settled in our new home we want you to join us as we start unleashing a number of exciting opportunities for you to consume the arts, but we can’t do it alone. We need you to assemble your masses. Gather your friends, bring out your family, spread the word through social media and descend upon Vangarde Arts with all the fury and excitement of a Sioux City staple like Saturday in the Park. We think you’re going to like what you see, love what you hear, and remember the way you feel so that when the show is over, we all look forward to convening back together for the next one.

Let’s live artfully friends, together.

Vangarde Arts

Upcoming Events at Vangarde Arts