You're A VIP

Live or Work Downtown? Read On!

Working or living downtown can make you a VIP at participating downtown businesses!

This program allows downtown employees or residents to hold a VIP card that gives them access to downtown business specials. It is free to all downtown businesses to participate and cards can be distributed to every downtown employee or resident.

For employees/residents:

Downtown employees can sign up through Downtown Partners by showing employer identification, or employers may provide a list of employees on company letterhead. Each employee will receive a card and a list of participating businesses will be available on our website. These cards do not expire so cardholders can continue to support downtown businesses.

For businesses:

Please send your business name and the special you would like to offer to or call our office at 712.252.0014 or send a fax to 712.258.8516 and we would be happy to add you to the list.