Strategic Plan

For Downtown Sioux City business stakeholders, Downtown Partners in a non-profit organization that works with stakeholders to create a vibrant, expanding downtown.

What makes Downtown Partners unique from other City of Sioux City groups, organizations and government departments is that they identify and address the specific needs of downtown stakeholders to give them an opportunity to provide more value and better serve the community.

Downtown Partners serves as the communication hub for downtown businesses. In this role, it collaborates with businesses that have similar needs and interests, represents downtown businesses through city processes, facilitates and coordinates revitalization efforts, encourages economic development, and promotes Downtown Sioux City.


Unify and strengthen the influence of downtown’s various stakeholder groups.


Attract new investment to downtown, including new businesses, jobs and housing


Place-making improvements to make downtown more walkable, bikeable and livable.

For each of the three suggested activity centers listed above, the Strategic Plan provides detailed recommendations for tactics, work program, budget and board involvement through committees.  Additional suggestions are provided for modifying Downtown Partner’s organizational structure, SSMID renewal and the need for a downtown plan that would ideally be completed by the City, Downtown Partners and other interested agencies.

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